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September Newsletter

Sat, 2014-09-06
I love to be in my garden in the autumn. The temperatures are perfect for working outdoors and it feels like there is some sort of natural rhythm that is encouraging us to get outdoors and create something. You pull out your gum boots and your favourite old gardening sweater and head out to your yard, knowing that this is exactly what you should be doing. Leave the blasted cell phone and computer behind and be off the grid in your backyard for a few hours to get some fresh air, exercise and clear your mind.creating a beach garden

Autumn is a very successful time for planting trees, shrubs and perennials. The cool nights and overnight dew refresh newly planted, hardy garden plants. The fall soil temperatures are still warm enough to get some good root growth to develop before winter comes and your newly planted trees, shrubs and vines will get off to a great start. Of course it is a great time to choose plants with fall colours; Japanese Maples, burning bush, smoke bush and all the plants that hold berries through fall and winter are fabulous to add to your garden now.

Autumn is a key time to reflect on your garden also. This might mean anything from moving plants around that you feel will do better with different conditions such as more sun or more shade, or choosing plants for empty spaces that you noticed through the summer months, or noting which tomatoes or peas produced better. Actually taking the time to write out your notes will help you be more prepared for next season. I like to use my West Coast Seed Gardening Guide to keep track of my veggies plus I take a bunch of photos and have created a garden file on my computer to keep them for quick reference. If you have gardened for any length of time you know how easy it is to think you will remember these notes in spring and then don’t.

Harvesting is, of course, one of the most satisfying fall chores. I think we all know just how great it is to eat what we grow and how much interest there is in growing our own food. If you haven’t had the pleasure of growing your own food start looking for a sunny spot to plant a veggie garden.  We sell starter veggie plants like broccoli, kale, lettuce and Swiss chard as well as garlic bulbs for fall planting. Canning, freezing and drying are also gaining popularity with a new generation of gardeners. Everything from the traditional veggies that we love to preserve, to fresh berry jams and jellies to herb infused vinegars and herb jellies and of course freezer basil pesto.

So as sorry as many of us were to see the end of another great summer it really is a great time to be a gardener and out in your garden.


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Happy Gardening!
Shauna & Nigel