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Our Fruit Trees have just arrived!

Fri, 2016-11-25


fruit trees

Late fall is the best time to plant new fruit trees. Remember when you are planting bare-root trees that they need to be planted the day you take them home. A little bit of bonemeal, peat-moss and manure is all you need to get your trees off to a good start.


Here is what has just arrived:-

Dolgo Crabapple
Bramley’s Seedling Apple
Gala Apple
Honeycrisp Apple
King Apple
Liberty Apple
Prima Apple
Red Gravenstein Apple
Red Northern Spy Apple
Sunrise Apple
Lapin Sweet Cherry
Stella Sweet Cherry
Juliet Sweet-Tart Cherry
Montmorency Sour Pie Cherry
Schatten Morello Sour Pie Cherry
Anjou Pear
Bartlett Pear
Bosc Pear
Comice Pear
Gold Plum
Green Gage Plum
Italian Prune Plum
Peach Plum
Patriot Blueberry
Filbert Jefferson & Theta
Walnut-Juglans Carpathian
From our blog...
Many a gardener wishes they had fruit trees old enough to bear fruit in their yard. A house can be built within a year but a garden must grow and mature trees whether ornamental or fruit yielding; these are a treasure.