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Kerri Perras wins our Pumpkin Contest!

Fri, 2016-10-21

2016 Great Pumpkin King Kerri Perras!
Heaviest Pumpkin in the Adult Category
Weighing 765 lbs

Adult 2nd Place
Joe Hanrahan
Weighing 655 lbs

Adult 3rd Place
Rick Raps
Weighing 174 lbs

Children’s 1st Place
Heaviest Pumpkin
Kylie Bell
Weighing 97 lbs

Children’s 2nd Place
Hana Sharpe
Weighing 72 ½ lbs

Children’s 3rd Place - Tied
Liam Phipps
Weighing 4 ½ lbs

Children’s 3rd Place - Tied
Abi James
Weighing 4 ½ lbs

Child’s Cutest Pumpkin
Norah James
1 ½ lbs

Please feel free to tag yourself:)

Thank you to everyone who entered!
#pumpkincontest #biggestpumpkin

'2016 Great Pumpkin King”<br />
Awarded to<br />
Kerri Perras<br />
Heaviest Pumpkin in the Adult Category<br />
Weighing 765 lbs'
entered! #pumpkincontest #biggestpumpkin