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Nigel's Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop
Pick up your ticket at Campbell River Garden Centre. Nigel’s Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop Come learn how to prune and care for your fruit trees.When:...
West Coast Seeds are Here!
Drop by the store to pick up your West Coast Seeds. In stock now.
February Store Hours
Welcome to a brand new year in the garden!February Store HoursMonday to Saturdays 10am-5pm Closed Sundays*please note we may close for snow

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Tulip Bulbs (Lily) Burgundy 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Lily) Burgundy 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Lily) Lasting Love /10 bulbsTulip Bulbs (Lily) Lasting Love /10 bulbs$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Lily) Lasting Love 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Lily) Lasting Love 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Lily) Tres Chic 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Lily) Tres Chic 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Parrot) Black Parrot 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Parrot) Black Parrot 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Parrot) Irene Parrot 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Parrot) Irene Parrot 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Parrot) Rococo 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Parrot) Rococo 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Parrot) Super Parrot 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Parrot) Super Parrot 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Triumph) Boston 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Triumph) Boston 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Triumph) Canadian Liberator 6pkTulip Bulbs (Triumph) Canadian Liberator 6pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Triumph) Gavota 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Triumph) Gavota 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Triumph) Jackpot 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Triumph) Jackpot 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Triumph) Just Kissed 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Triumph) Just Kissed 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Triumph) Mango Charm 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Triumph) Mango Charm 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Triumph) Muvota 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Triumph) Muvota 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Triumph) Prins Willem AlexanderTulip Bulbs (Triumph) Prins Willem Alexander$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Triumph) Tender Whisper 6/pkTulip Bulbs (Triumph) Tender Whisper 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Viridiflora) Night Rider 6/pk Tulip Bulbs (Viridiflora) Night Rider 6/pk $0.00
Tulip Bulbs (Viridiflora) Spring Green 6/pk Tulip Bulbs (Viridiflora) Spring Green 6/pk $0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Adriaan Dominique 6/pkTulip Bulbs - Adriaan Dominique 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Banana Split 14/pkTulip Bulbs - Banana Split 14/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Blue Wow 6/pkTulip Bulbs - Blue Wow 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Double Dazzle 6/pkTulip Bulbs - Double Dazzle 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Emperor Mix 12/pkTulip Bulbs - Emperor Mix 12/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Fire of Love 6/pkTulip Bulbs - Fire of Love 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Jazzberry Jam 14/pkTulip Bulbs - Jazzberry Jam  14/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Joyful Hearts 12/pkTulip Bulbs - Joyful Hearts 12/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Love at First Blush 14/pkTulip Bulbs - Love at First Blush 14/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Mango Tango 14/pkTulip Bulbs - Mango Tango 14/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Quebec Bouquet 6/pkTulip Bulbs - Quebec Bouquet 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Red Riding Hood 6/pkTulip Bulbs - Red Riding Hood 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Sweet English Rose 14/pkTulip Bulbs - Sweet English Rose 14/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Value Pack Orange 20/pkTulip Bulbs - Value Pack Orange 20/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Value Pack Pink 20/pkTulip Bulbs - Value Pack Pink 20/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Value Pack Purple 20/pkTulip Bulbs - Value Pack Purple 20/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Value Pack Rainbow 20/pkTulip Bulbs - Value Pack Rainbow 20/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Value Pack Red 20/pkTulip Bulbs - Value Pack Red 20/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Value Pack White 20/pkTulip Bulbs - Value Pack White 20/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Blue Parrot 6/pkTulip Bulbs Blue Parrot 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Estella Rynveld 6/pkTulip Bulbs Estella Rynveld 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Fantasy Parrot 6/pkTulip Bulbs Fantasy Parrot 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Peach Blossom 6/pkTulip Bulbs Peach Blossom 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Pretty Woman 6/pkTulip Bulbs Pretty Woman 6/pk$5.99
Tulip Bulbs Royal Acres 6/pkTulip Bulbs Royal Acres 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Tequila Sunrise 6/pkTulip Bulbs Tequila Sunrise 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Wallflower Bouquet 6/pkTulip Bulbs Wallflower Bouquet 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Yellow Value PackTulip Bulbs Yellow Value Pack$0.00
Tulip Combo - Blueberry Swirl 16pkTulip Combo - Blueberry Swirl 16pk$0.00
Tulip Combo - Easter Egg BaskeTulip Combo - Easter Egg Baske$0.00
Tulip Combo - Licorice Twist 14/pkTulip Combo - Licorice Twist 14/pk$0.00
Tulip Combo - MasqueradeTulip Combo - Masquerade$0.00
Tulip Combo - Merlot Moment 16/pkTulip Combo - Merlot Moment 16/pk$0.00
Tulip Combo - Pastel Mix Tulip Combo - Pastel Mix $0.00
Tulip Combo - Prince Trio NEW!! Tulip Combo - Prince Trio NEW!! $0.00
Tulip Combo - Red Velvet CakeTulip Combo - Red Velvet Cake$0.00
Tulip Combo Canada Eh! 12/pkTulip Combo Canada Eh! 12/pk$0.00
Tulip Elegant DuetTulip Elegant Duet$0.00
Tulip Kaufmanniana ShowwinnerTulip Kaufmanniana Showwinner$0.00
Tulip Pineapple Express 16/pkTulip Pineapple Express 16/pk$0.00
Tulips - Feathered Fascination 14/pkTulips - Feathered Fascination 14/pk$0.00
Tulips Shades of Black 24 bulbsTulips Shades of Black 24 bulbs$0.00
Tulips Shades of Orange 32 bulbsTulips Shades of Orange 32 bulbs$0.00
Tulips Shades of Purple 32 bulbsTulips Shades of Purple 32 bulbs$0.00
Tulips Shades of Red 32 bulbsTulips Shades of Red 32 bulbs$0.00
Tulips Shades of White 32 bulbsTulips Shades of White 32 bulbs$0.00
Narcissus Rockgarden Suzy 5/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Double Oriental Polar StarLily Bulb Double Oriental Polar Star$0.00
Lily Bulb Tiger HaiwathaLily Bulb Tiger Haiwatha$0.00
Lily Bulb Tiger Sweet SurrenderLily Bulb Tiger Sweet Surrender$0.00
Lily Bulbs Asiatic Tango Olina 3/pkLily Bulbs Asiatic Tango Olina 3/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Brown Sugar 6/pkTulip Bulbs Brown Sugar 6/pk$0.00
Tulip Bulbs Yellow Wave 6/pkTulip Bulbs Yellow Wave 6/pk$0.00
Lily Bulb Double Asiatic Sphinx Lily Bulb Double Asiatic Sphinx $0.00
Tulip Horizon Double Peony 6/pkTulip Horizon Double Peony 6/pk$0.00
Tulip White Parrot Tulip White Parrot  $0.00
Gladiolus Bulbs Blue IsleGladiolus Bulbs Blue Isle$0.00
Dahlia Dinnerplate AkitaDahlia Dinnerplate Akita$0.00
Dahlia Dinnerplate Mystery DayDahlia Dinnerplate Mystery Day$0.00
Dahlia Decorative See Wood GlorieDahlia Decorative See Wood Glorie$0.00
Dahlia Decorative Who Dun ItDahlia Decorative Who Dun It$0.00
Dahlia Cactus Friquolet 1/pkDahlia Cactus Friquolet 1/pk$0.00
Bed Bug Trap effective & pesticide free!Bed Bug Trap effective & pesticide free!$0.00
DIY Raindrip Micro Irrigation SystemDIY Raindrip Micro Irrigation System$0.00
Felco Pruning Shear 160L - Large hand economy modelFelco Pruning Shear 160L - Large hand economy model$0.00
Felco Pruning Shear 160s - Small hand economy modelFelco Pruning Shear 160s - Small hand economy model$0.00
Grotek Mini GreenhouseGrotek Mini Greenhouse$0.00
Growlight Garden Grow Your Own GreensGrowlight Garden Grow Your Own Greens$0.00
Lily Bulb Oriental X Saltarello 1/pkLily Bulb Oriental X Saltarello 1/pk$0.00
Native Blue Mason Bee House Large Native Blue Mason Bee House Large $0.00
Raindrip Micro Irrigation Yard Kit Raindrip Micro Irrigation Yard Kit $0.00
ScareCrow Motion Activated Deer DeterrentScareCrow Motion Activated Deer Deterrent$0.00
Tulip Bulbs - Kiev 6/pkTulip Bulbs - Kiev 6/pk$0.00