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Nigel's Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop
Pick up your ticket at Campbell River Garden Centre. Nigel’s Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop Come learn how to prune and care for your fruit trees.When:...
West Coast Seeds are Here!
Drop by the store to pick up your West Coast Seeds. In stock now.
February Store Hours
Welcome to a brand new year in the garden!February Store HoursMonday to Saturdays 10am-5pm Closed Sundays*please note we may close for snow

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Daffodil Bulbs Obdam 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Obdam 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Orangerie 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Orangerie 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Pink Parasol 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Pink Parasol 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Poeticus Recurvus 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Poeticus Recurvus 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Precocious 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Precocious 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Smiling Twin 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Smiling Twin 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Snow Angel 5pkDaffodil Bulbs Snow Angel 5pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Sound 10/pkDaffodil Bulbs Sound 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Sound 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Sound 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Sunny Girlfriend 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Sunny Girlfriend 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Tahiti 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Tahiti 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Thalia 10/pkDaffodil Bulbs Thalia 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Thalia 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Thalia 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Vanilla Peach 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Vanilla Peach 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil Bulbs White Marvel Daffodil Bulbs White Marvel $0.00
Daffodil Bulbs Yellow Cheerfulness 5/pkDaffodil Bulbs Yellow Cheerfulness 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Baby Moon 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Baby Moon 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Canaliculatis 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Canaliculatis 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Enchanted Pixies 12pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Enchanted Pixies 12pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus February Gold 5/pk Daffodil/Mini Narcissus February Gold 5/pk $0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Jack Snipe 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Jack Snipe 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Jetfire 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Jetfire 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Pipit 5/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Pipit 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Quail 5/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Quail 5/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Narcissus Tete a Tete 10/pkDaffodil/Mini Narcissus Tete a Tete 10/pk$0.00
Daffodil/Mini Tete a Tete 20/pkDaffodil/Mini Tete a Tete 20/pk$0.00
Dahlia Dinnerplate Lavender PerfectionDahlia Dinnerplate Lavender Perfection$0.00
Dahlia Dinnerplate Moonlight Sonata 1/pkDahlia Dinnerplate Moonlight Sonata 1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Dinnerplate Otto's Thrill 1/pkDahlia Dinnerplate Otto's Thrill 1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Dinnerplate Purple Taiheijo 1/pkDahlia Dinnerplate Purple Taiheijo 1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Dinnerplate Vancouver 1/pkDahlia Dinnerplate Vancouver  1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Dwarf Art Nouveau 1/pkDahlia Dwarf Art Nouveau 1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Dwarf City of Alkmaar 1/pkDahlia Dwarf City of Alkmaar 1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Dwarf City of Leiden 1/pkDahlia Dwarf City of Leiden 1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Dwarf City of Rotterdam 1/pkDahlia Dwarf City of Rotterdam 1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Fringed Fantasie du Cape 1/pkDahlia Fringed Fantasie du Cape 1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Fringed Tsuki-Yori 1/pkDahlia Fringed Tsuki-Yori  1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Fringed Veritable 1/pkDahlia Fringed Veritable 1/pk$0.00
Dahlia Manhattan Lights Mix 3pkDahlia Manhattan Lights Mix 3pk$0.00
Deer Resistant Yellow & Blue Mix 50/pkDeer Resistant Yellow & Blue Mix 50/pk$0.00
Dinnerplate Dahlia Babylon Bronze 1/pkDinnerplate Dahlia Babylon Bronze 1/pk$0.00
Dracunculus Vulgaris 1 bulbDracunculus Vulgaris 1 bulb$0.00
Eremurus Bungei Foxtail LilyEremurus Bungei Foxtail Lily$0.00
Eremurus Robustus Foxtail Lily 1/pkEremurus Robustus Foxtail Lily 1/pk$0.00
Erythronium Rose Queen 1/pkErythronium Rose Queen 1/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Acmopetala bulbs$0.00
Fritillaria Bulbs Beethoven Fritillaria Bulbs Beethoven $0.00
Fritillaria Bulbs Persica ~ Persian Bells 1/pkFritillaria Bulbs Persica ~ Persian Bells 1/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Crown Imperial Rubra 1/pkFritillaria Crown Imperial Rubra 1/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Lutea Maxima 1/pkFritillaria Lutea Maxima 1/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Meleagris Bulbs 10/pkFritillaria Meleagris Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Fritillaria Vivaldi 1 bulb/packFritillaria Vivaldi 1 bulb/pack$0.00
Galanthus 'Flore Pleno' Dbl Snowdrops 5/pkGalanthus 'Flore Pleno' Dbl Snowdrops 5/pk$0.00
Galanthus Single Snowdrops 20/pkGalanthus Single Snowdrops 20/pk$0.00
Galanthus Snowdrop Woronowii 10/pkGalanthus Snowdrop Woronowii 10/pk$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Bogatyr 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Bogatyr 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Bulk Classic White Garlic Bulbs - Bulk Classic White $0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Classic White 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Classic White 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Duganski 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Duganski 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Elephant 3 cloves/packGarlic Bulbs - Elephant 3 cloves/pack$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - German White 3 bulb/pkgGarlic Bulbs - German White 3 bulb/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Legacy Rocambole 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Legacy Rocambole 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Metechi 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Metechi 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Mexican Purple 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Mexican Purple 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Music Hardneck 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Music Hardneck 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Russian Red 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Russian Red 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Siberian 3 bulbs/pkgGarlic Bulbs - Siberian 3 bulbs/pkg$0.00
Garlic Bulbs - Spanish Roja 3 bulbs/pkg Garlic Bulbs - Spanish Roja 3 bulbs/pkg $0.00
Gladiolus Blubs - Madam de Paris 8/pkGladiolus Blubs - Madam de Paris 8/pk$0.00
Gladiolus Bulbs - Passos 8/pkGladiolus Bulbs - Passos 8/pk$0.00
Gladiolus Bulbs Carnival Craze 15/pkGladiolus Bulbs Carnival Craze 15/pk$0.00
Gladiolus Bulbs Espresso 8/pkGladiolus Bulbs Espresso 8/pk$0.00
Gladiolus Bulbs Frizzled Coral Lace 8/pkGladiolus Bulbs Frizzled Coral Lace 8/pk$0.00
Gladiolus Bulbs Halloween 8/pkGladiolus Bulbs Halloween 8/pk$0.00
Gladiolus Bulbs Nori 8/pkGladiolus Bulbs Nori 8/pk$0.00
Gladiolus Bulbs Velvet Eye 8/pkGladiolus Bulbs Velvet Eye 8/pk$0.00
Gladiolus Zamora Bulbs 8/pkGladiolus Zamora Bulbs 8/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Carnegie 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Carnegie 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs City of Haarlem 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs City of Haarlem 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue 8/pkHyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue 8/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Gipsy Queen 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Gipsy Queen 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Jan Bos 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Jan Bos 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Marie 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Marie 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Mixed Colours Hyacinth Bulbs Mixed Colours $0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Pink Pearl 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Pink Pearl 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Bulbs Rembrandt 4/pkHyacinth Bulbs Rembrandt 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth King of Blues Hyacinth King of Blues $0.00
Hyacinth Koh-I-Nor (Blue Ice) 4/pkHyacinth Koh-I-Nor (Blue Ice) 4/pk$0.00
Hyacinth Peter Stuyvesant $0.00
Hyacinths (forcing) Anne Marie 3/pkHyacinths (forcing) Anne Marie 3/pk$0.00
Hyacinths (forcing) Delft Blue 3/pkHyacinths (forcing) Delft Blue 3/pk$0.00
Hyacinths (forcing) L'Innocence 3/pkHyacinths (forcing) L'Innocence 3/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Lion King Bulbs 10/pkIris Dutch Lion King Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Red Ember Bulbs 10/pkIris Dutch Red Ember Bulbs 10/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Sapphire Beauty 10/pkIris Dutch Sapphire Beauty 10/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Spring Mix 10/pkIris Dutch Spring Mix 10/pk$0.00
Iris Dutch Tiger Mix 10/pkIris Dutch Tiger Mix  10/pk$0.00
Iris Germanica Ancient Echos Iris Germanica Ancient Echos $0.00
Iris Germanica Blue Suede Shoes Iris Germanica Blue Suede Shoes $0.00