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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

Gift ideas for Gardeners

I remember about a bunch of years ago my sister, Alana, was in town for the weekend and visiting me for the day. We had decided to spend our time together planting daffodil and tulip bulbs into containers and in the garden as well as some paperwhites and an amaryllis for indoor Christmas blooms. We were just getting started when she remarked that she loved gardening with me because I had "all the good tools". Gloves that kept her finger nails clean, a shiny stainless steel trowel that didn't bend and pruners that were of excellent quality and were a pleasure to use.

Many garden items make great, useful and dare I say luxurious gifts. Who do I see benefiting from gardening gifts? Pretty much any gardener, but especially young couples and new homeowners who are just starting out would appreciate the value of good tools. Are you buying for a daughter or your wife? Ladies often don't spend their gardening budget on tools so their garden shed is often more than a wee bit lacking. There again we ladies sometimes ask our handsome husbands or fathers for some help with the heavy chores. He might be better able to do the job with a decent spade.

If you have a gardener on your list here are my top 5 gifts for gardeners. 

1. Quality Made Tools ~ Hand tools and long handled tools, pruning shears, gloves, watering cans, garden trugs, pocket pruning tools, floral snips to name a few.  

2. Grow Light Gardens ~ There are some awesome compact indoor gardening kits complete with grow lights for either growing year round salad greens or herbs or for starting spring bedding plants.
3. Statuary ~ Statement pieces like fountains, birdbaths and bubblers are sometimes the kind of extravagance you would never purchase for yourself making them wonderful, lasting gifts that take a garden to extraordinary. 
4. Garden Art ~ Arbors, benches, gazing globes, weather resistant outdoor pictures, welcome tiles, wind chimes and outdoor d├ęcor all make for great gift giving.

5. Birding ~ Bird Feeders, houses, nesting boxes, hummingbird feeders, suet cages are all great gifts for not only the bird enthusiast but also for the youth who loves to learn about nature and for the elderly or less mobile loved one who can create an ever changing view right outside their window.

Rustic Tricycle Antique Green Finish

Glass hummingbird feeder
pretty quails for your Christmas tree
Gifts for Gardeners
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