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Summer Blooming Shrubs

Like most gardeners, as the seasons go, my interest moves from the delicate winter bloomers, to the bulbs that herald early spring, to the joyful promise of planting annuals and so on, and so on. As each season passes I forget how I loved the very first blooms of the plant I am now deadheading and I long for the first blooms of the plants of the next season.

Summer Roses

I watch in wonder as the first flush of roses come and now I busy myself cutting roses for bouquets indoors so my flowers continue to form and please me. Oh, we are the fickle ones aren't we, but I simply can't help it; I love my garden, the structure of it, the striking foliage combinations, the fragrances, but most of all I love the blooms. Now that summer is here the blooms are no longer delicate little bursts of colour amazing us on cool and frosty mornings but rather magnificently voluptuous blossoms that awe us with their heady beauty.

White Lacecap Hydrangea

The roses, hydrangeas, peonies, lilies, clematis and honeysuckle, these are some of the beauties of summer that are a must in my garden. At this time of year we seem to live outside. Hanging out on the deck with friends and family; the beauty of the summer garden adds so much grace to life.

hard working bees collecting pollen

It is such a treat to watch the bumble bees collecting pollen from the stately spires of foxgloves and delphiniums, or the familiar hum of the hummingbirds that we hear before we see them and the wafting fragrance of the lilies and honeysuckle. Dining outside at a decadently set table in your garden or on your deck is one of the pure and simple pleasures of summer.

Create an outdoor living room

Summer is here! Let's enjoy the fullness of the beauty of it and continue to create a garden that will awe and inspire us.

...hope you are enjoying the gifts of your garden