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New Spring Blooming Bulbs Varieties for Fall Planting

It's always exciting to see what is new for the garden.  This fall there are lots of new bulbs to plant for gorgeous spring blooms.  Here is a sneak peek at a few that we are really excited about!  Most of these are in stock now, a few are still to come...

Allium 'Silver Spring'

Allium are always popular so new varieties are also always welcome.  Alliums are not only show stoppers but also deer resistant, sun loving and drought tolerant.  They bloom in early summer so they really lengthen the bulb season.  This variety Silver Spring has four inch large, round blooms of raspberry and white with maroon centres and a sweet licorice scent. Hardy to zone 4, they grow to 26 inches tall.

Allium 'Summer Drummer'

Allium Summer Drummer
This variety of Allium grows up to 6 feet tall!  Talk about a show stopper!  The eight inch large blooms are purple and white with purple stems. Hardy to zone 3.

Daffodil 'Vanilla Peach'

Daffodil Vanilla Peach

An amazing Butterfly Narcissus with soft yellow petals and strong coral-pink, beautifully ruffled, split cup.  Daffodils of course are super easy to grown, deer resistant and hardy to zone 4.

 Dutch Iris 'Red Ember'

Iris Red Ember

For many gardeners, Dutch Iris simply spells out Spring.  This year with Red Ember there is a brand new, break through colour for Dutch Iris; a gorgeous smoldering maroon red.  Hardy to zone 5 they grow 22 inches tall.

Fritillaria 'Beethoven and Vivaldi'

Fritillaria Beethoven

Regally towering over smaller plants many gardeners love the majestic blooms of the Crown Imperial Fritillaria.  This year there are two brand new varieties that are about two thirds of the height as the classic but every bit as gorgeous.  From the Composer series, Beethoven is vibrant orange and Vivaldi is reddish-pink.  Fritillaria are not the easiest bulb to grow; they require well drained soil (even in the winter) which has some compost or manure added to it and need to be planted on their side so they don't rot.  Hardy to zone 5 they grow to 2 feet tall. 

Scilla Sibirica 'Alba'

Scilla Sibirica Alba

A new flower for the all white garden...perhaps? Scilla or bluebells are so easy to grow and great to naturalizing.  This new Siberian Scilla is pure white, sure to be beautiful on its own or planted as a gentle contrast to delicate yellow daffs.

Tulips 'Sundowner'

Tulip Sundowner

There are so many gorgeous tulips but this one has a fresh new look that grabbed my attention from the get go!  Each double bloom of gorgeous golden yellow with cherry-pink edges is unusual and stunning.

Secession Blooming Tulips Shades of White

Last year we launched our Secession Bloom Tulip Collections in all red, all black, all orange and all purple and they were a huge hit!  We could hardly keep them on the shelve as people were buying them for themselves and as gifts for friends and family because they were a really great value and were something new and interesting.  But it was in the Spring when they bloomed and bloomed that we heard back from our gardeners how thrilled they were with how the "secession bloom" worked for them.  This year "Shades of White" is added to the collection with eight bulbs of each of four beautiful pure white varieties single, double, lily shaped and fringed types that bloom one after another for a fantastic showing that goes on and on.

At the Garden Centre we are always planning for a beautiful Spring and 2013 looks like it is going to be gorgeous!  Stop by and see our fantastic selection of Spring blooming bulbs and let us help you choose something beautiful for your garden.

Happy Gardening!