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New Roses for 2012

Sugar Moon

 Hybrid Tea - Super fragrant pure white

Sugar Moon Rose

This rose is a beauty!  I was lucky enough to get to trial this rose last year and it is the nicest fragrant white rose I have ever come across.  Lovely deep, dark green leaves compliment the classic white roses.  Sugar Moon showed good vigor and good re-bloom but it will be the fragrance you will love...  

  • Height / Habit: Tall/ Very upright & bushy
  • Bloom / Size: Full, classically formed
  • Fragrance: Intense sweet citrus & rose


Ketchup & Mustard

Floribunda - Ketchup red/mustard yellow bicolour

 Ketchup & Mustard Rose

Crazy name...not sure who came up with Ketchup & Mustard but the rose looks beautiful.  Rich red petals are backed with gold creating a stunning bi-coloured rose with elegant form.  I don't know but I think they could have gone with Rouge D'Or or something (anything) else...  Still I guess a rose by any other name...

  • Height / Habit: Medium / Rounded & bushy
  • Bloom / Size: Medium, double
  • Fragrance: Mild

Koko Loko

Floribunda - Soft Milk chocolate changing to lavender

Koko Loko Rose

Ok, now this rose is so unusual and so unique.  It literally starts out a creamy latte colour and then changes to lavender!  This was also a rose we trialed last year and I let our staff member Linda, trial this in her garden.  When it bloomed she was so taken by the unusually beautiful colours we were privy to many of the photos she couldn't help taking of her Koko Loko.   

  • Height / Habit: Medium / Rounded & bushy
  • Bloom / Size: Medium, double, very well formed
  • Fragrance: Moderate

Sunshine Daydream

Grandiflora - Very soft yellow

 Sunshine Daydream Rose

When I read about this rose, I started looking for a good sunny spot for a new rose bush.  Delicate soft yellow flowers, deep green foliage and great disease resistance makes a combination that is sure to have me day dreaming of sunshine!  In fact that doesn't really do Sunshine Daydream justice.


Here is what the All-America Rose Selections (AARS) has to say of Sunshine Daydream:-

Living up to its name, Sunshine Daydream exemplifies the quality and beauty that is implicit in an "AARS Winner." The light yellow Grandiflora, the first garden rose to win under no spray conditions, was selected as the best of the best after participating in the rigorous two-year AARS testing cycle.


  • Height / Habit: Medium-tall/ Rounded & bushy
  • Bloom / Size: Medium-large
  • Fragrance: None

General Care for Roses

When you go home to plant your rose bush choose a nice sunny location.  Water your rose before you plant it.  Roses are very heavy feeders so plant it very well.  If you often skimp on amendments don't with your new rose bush.  I recommend the following organic fertilizers for planting new roses.

1/3  cup bonemeal

1/3 cup alfalfa meal

1/3 cup fish meal

2 shovelfuls of peat moss or Beats Peat

2 shovelfuls of manure or compost

      Put all these ingredients into the hole and mix them under and around your new rose bush.  Press the soil down firmly and water deeply.  Wilson's 'Transplanter Fertilizer' is wonderful for new transplants.  It has a root stimulator in it that helps to alleviate transplant shock which is the most common reason why gardeners are unsuccessful with their new plants.

     Each Spring following you can fertilize your existing roses with the same mix as above plus ΒΌ cup Epsom Salts.  Epsom Salts is excellent for all roses but especially for climbers.  In climbers it will encourage new climbing canes right from the base.  All these organic fertilizers will feed your roses all summer long. Later in the summer you can use a liquid fertilizer (like liquid Kelp or 20-20-20) if you want to really give your roses an extra boost. 



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