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Garden Inspiration


Where does your garden inspiration come from?  Seeing plants as they naturally occur, such as large drifts of beach grass or ferns at the base of majestic trees can inspire us.  Seeing the beauty of what other gardeners have created can fill the gardener's soul.  Whether walking down the street and peering into your neighbour's garden or visiting a famous garden on holidays; refueling the inspiration tank is a wonderful thing.  

Like many gardeners my first inspirations were from my parents.  My dad would like nothing better than to come home from a long day at Seymour Pharmacy and dig potatoes or pick peas. I think his favourite harvest was volunteer spuds; especially some banana potatoes that one of his Quadra Island customers shared with him. My Mom loved the veggie garden too and all summer long simple garden vegetables and those volunteer spuds were on the dinner table.  I see now that my parent's veggie garden inspired me to grow food, and eat healthy as well as exercise and relax with simple garden chores.

Flash forward to 2013 and many gardeners find garden inspiration on the Internet.  Never before have so many beautiful images been right at our fingertips.  Garden websites as well as social media such as Pinterest and Facebook are full of gorgeous photographs and ideas that can inspire us. The trick is getting away from the virtual garden and into the real garden.

With the Campbell River Garden Tour just finished it is apparent that once again it was an inspiring event showcasing what can be done to create a more beautiful space in which to live.  Over the years I have heard many gardeners worry that their yards would not be "good enough" for the tour and let's face it, it is a fair amount of work.  However what I also hear is the appreciation that others have from being welcomed through the gate for a closer look.  At the Garden Centre during the days following the tour each year we hear about on all the gorgeous plants, combinations and inspiring gardens on the tour.

Public spaces can be an important source of inspiration also.  We used to have an arborist named Karen on staff at the Garden Centre.  One of the things she was passionate about was public gardens.  She explained to me how she had worked in some areas where the lack of public gardens, she felt, directly affected the welfare of the local people.  I started to think about public gardens differently after knowing Karen.  I will always support our City's efforts to beautify Campbell River.  Many restaurants, hotels, resorts and shopping areas make a concerted effort to beautify their properties for the enjoyment of their patrons as well as for locals and tourists that stroll past their businesses.  Sometimes vandals make these efforts even more challenging.  When you enjoy their plantings make sure you let a business know how much you value their efforts to create an inspiring location.  

If you have a neighbour with an inspiring garden you'll have a chance to recognize them.  During the month of July, Campbell River Residents will have the opportunity to nominate a neighbour who they think makes a continual effort to beautify their properties, providing great curb appeal that helps make the neighbourhood a pleasing place to live.  Nominations for the 3rd Annual Great Curb Appeal Campaign can be made at the City of Campbell River or by phoning the Parks Department at 250-286-7275.   

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 Happy Gardening!
 Shauna & Nigel