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Open Easter Weekend
We are open Easter Weekend! Hope you have time to enjoy family, friends and some gardening!
Spring Bulb Sale
Come on in and check out our Spring Bulb Sale! Shop early for best selection as some items may sell out quickly. Prices in effect until April 30/19...
SUNDAYS ~ Now Open
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Fairy Gardens

Try your hand at a fairy or gnome garden. Use any container you like, some tiny plants, a few stones and a couple of decorations. The children who visit your garden will love you for it!

Shauna's fairy condo

for the kid in your life or the kid in you... 

Shauna's fairy garden

use a pot, a dish, a stump or an unused corner of the garden...

Linda's fairy garden

use some small leave plants, some stones and a few decorations...

Michelle and Barb's fairy garden

and let your imagination go wild. After all that is where the fairies are:)

Sylvia's fairy garden

anne's fairy gardens


fairy and gnome gardens

fairy garden supplies

Earthling found on facebook see credit