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EVERGREEN CAMELLIA - Camellia Japonica

Camellias are definitely one of the most beautiful early blooming shrubs for the coastal garden. Like rhododendrons they prefer a lightly shaded or morning sun location and they are perfectly at home in our naturally acidic soil. Shiny dark green leaves adorn this plant year round creating a wonderful backdrop to the spectacular spring blooms. Pink, red, white, coral and yellow blooms surprise and delight many gardeners in the very early spring (March) with their truly gorgeous colours and forms.

Camellias like moist acidic soil and a position out of the hot afternoon sun. They usually grow 6-8 feet in height and 4-6 feet in width. They are easily pruned to maintain a smaller size by removing 1/3 of the height and width immediately after blooming.

Plant your new Camellia with a large handful of bonemeal, peat moss and steer manure right in the hole with your plant and then add a handful of rock phosphate on the ground surface after planting to encourage flower formation for the next season. Rock phosphate is also beneficial to mature Camellias that are setting too few blooms.

Camellias make an excellent background plant for spring bulbs and summer perennials. Another great place for a camellia is in a large container where you might also plant spring bulbs and then summer annuals. Wherever you decide to plant your camellia I know you will enjoy the gorgeous blooms in early spring and then the lush foliage through the entire year.



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