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Desert King Fig (Ficus carica)

Desert King Fig (Ficus carica)

We stock many varieties of figs, as customers like to experiment and try different things, but the variety Desert King Fig is well known for being the most popular in our area as it is the most reliable. Desert King Figs are green skinned with beautiful rosy-pink flesh and excellent flavour. Desert King is a twice cropping fig, but in this case, it is only the first crop that will most likely develop well in Campbell River. The first crop (the Breba crop) will grow from the branches that grew last summer and ripen in August.

Figs are native to the Mediterranean, southern Asia and Africa so when you are choosing a location for your fig tree, find a very sunny spot; probably the south or west side of your yard with good drainage. Fig trees grow to about fifteen feet tall or more in our area but can be pruned to keep the fruit producing at a lower height. Figs like a pH of 6.0-6.5 so a little bit of lime is beneficial in Campbell River. Figs are an attractive tree with beautifully shaped leaves and are deer resistant. 

Can you image how decadent it would be to be harvesting figs from your garden? 

Popular Fig Varieties:- 

Brown Turkey Fig - Medium to large, brownish-purple skin with pink flesh. 

Chicago Hardy Fig - Medium sized reddish-purple figs with very good flavour known for its ability to produce good fruit on new growth. This makes Chicago Hardy an exceptional variety for cold Canadian climates because it can produce good fruit even when it dies back to ground level over the winter.

Desert King Fig - Large dark-green skinned figs with beautiful rosy-pink flesh inside and excellent flavour. Our most popular green skinned variety. 

Negronne Fig - A more compact tree with small but very good quality black fruit with red flesh. Best variety for container growing where it is still highly productive. 

Peter's Honey Fig - Medium sized, light green skin with very sweet flesh. Good container variety. 

Are you already growing figs? Let us know what variety you love next time you are in the shop.