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Burning Bush Euonymus alatus 'Compactus'

Burning bush is simply spectacular when it turns colour in the fall and the glowing pinkish-red leaves give no doubt to why the name was chosen. The branches radiate in an upright to slightly arching form so that it's shape has beautiful symmetry 12 months of the year.

It has small yellow flowers in late Spring and red berries that open to show off small but interesting orange coated seeds in the fall. It can be used as a specimen plant, deciduous hedge or mass planted for it's dramatic fall show.

Campbell Riverites enjoy the fiery red colour of the burning bush mass planted at the Strathcona Pool/Arena. Although slightly stressed from hot summers and surrounded by hot pavement these plants are quite beautiful in early fall.

In the home garden you will find your plants to be a little bit more lush and although a little later to colour-up, the fall coloured leaves will hold a little longer before falling for winter.

Burning bush usually grow to about 5 feet tall and wide although we have a spectacular specimen at the Garden Centre that is about 5 foot tall and 8 feet across. Never fear, burning bush can be pruned although it is rarely necessary. Pruning (if necessary) would consist of trimming any growth that mars the plants symmetry or a light pruning over all to keep the size in balance with your garden.

Burning bush are hardy to zone 4 (Campbell River is Zone 7), ph adaptable and generally very easy to grow. Plant in full sun for the most dramatic fall colour.


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