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Bringing that Beachy Feeling to Your Garden

How to create a beach garden
Are you feeling beachy?  Enjoying the great outdoors is one of the ways we are reminded to take care of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Whenever I get this beachy feeling, it makes me want to bring a little of the beach home to celebrate it in my garden. 
A few years ago my brother and his wife were landscaping their new home. The yard had an irrigation system through most of the front and back yard but not within a narrow side strip of space alongside their driveway measuring about 6' by 15'. They asked me for my ideas for a low maintenance garden bed; then they told me that one idea they had come up with was a rock and driftwood garden with ornamental grasses. I thought that they already had the best idea possible so we set to work making plant choices and layout. 
We came up with a mixture of three types of ornamental grass, berried plants for fall and winter interest and a few other complimentary flowering perennials and shrubs. Working in multiples of threes and fives; the colour scheme was blond and blue grasses, rosy-pink berries and flowers with driftwood and round rocks to create a perfect low maintenance beachy garden.  
It's important to remember when you plant drought tolerant plants that they still need you to water them until they are established.  In time, though you will have a low maintenance garden that will not require you to water it very often throughout the summer months.  
There are also lovely d├ęcor items to add to that great beachy feeling. Shells, rope, oars, propellers, etc. are great seaside accents to add to a beach theme.  I've been thrilled to find more and more items for our store that suit our West Coast living. Whether decorating your garden and deck or your bathroom and guest room that great beachy theme suits our Campbell River lifestyle.
Enjoy that Beachy Feeling!