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The Autumn Colours

Here come the beautiful fall colours!  Whether walking or driving around, Campbell River I have had enjoyed these colours in street trees, on our trails, the stunning view of Quadra Island with the big leaf maples (Acer macrophyllum) lit up within the deep green coniferous trees and in your private gardens.  This leads me to think, of how we never know, who will enjoy the trees and shrubs we plant.

A personal experience of this was a particularly magnificent Smoke Bush (Cotinus) on Hilchey Road which caused me pull over and snap a photo of its glory; all glowing coral deepening to pinkish-red.  I was so pleased I had my camera handy and thankful to the homeowner who planted it for the glowing feeling it passed along to me.

Cotinus - Smoke Bush with fall colours

For many years the burning bush (Euonymus alatus) and red maples (Acer rubrum) at the Arena on Dogwood street have been enjoyed by so many of us.  Customers mention this gorgeous planting each and every fall.  I hope those who planted and cared for these plants know how much we all appreciate their beauty.

I recall the first fall that my children went to EDM School (the old Central Elementary School) and how lovely all the maples that surround the school are with their deep, dark trunks and gorgeous, golden foliage.  How perfect for a school to have such an inspiring and beautiful setting.

Acer marcophyllum - Native Big Leaf Maple in fall colour

Winter is coming and at that time of year, I like to take a good long look at the outline and detail of deciduous trees (those that lose their leaves).  I believe that trees should also be beautiful in the winter and to me, that means careful pruning (or do not do it).  Be thoughtful and selective. I remember hearing Thomas Hobbs refer to pruning as being like editing; when you have removed a branch, you shouldn't miss it.  I like to think of my trees as having arms and fingers and no amputees. 


Your tree should be as beautiful or more so after pruning; no half chopped off large branches, no topped trees.  Topped trees have no healthy way to grow afterwards and then, in years to come, they can become even more dangerous and ugly.  It's an out of date practice that we now know does not work. Speaking with Erika Higgins, one of our local certified arborists, she said she is getting a lot of calls about potentially dangerous trees.  She says topping trees may not make a dangerous tree any less dangerous.  Many times, there are other alternatives to deal with trees than just topping.  A Certified Arborist has the experience and education to inform the homeowner what their options are before they resort to topping.  For more information, you can go to the International Society of Arboriculture website's link at


I hope you have had time to stop and enjoy the autumn colours, and when you plant trees and shrubs you might never know the joy others get from your garden!